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Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) is a grassroots group led by Aboriginal grandmothers. GMAR has been fighting the ongoing Stolen Generations all around Australia since 2014.

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Grandmothers Against Removals members have been invited to be part of a forum in Aotearoa New Zealand in November 2019.

Your support will make it possible for GMAR to be part of this. GMAR grandmothers will attend with Aboriginal kids who have experienced removal.

The forum will explore and strengthen the initiative to make the host city, Napier, a child friendly city. This is about making sure that all children, especially First Nations children, flourish in cities where children and their communities are nurtured and supported.

Our work is only possible because of your support.

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Visit to Aotearoa New Zealand

GMAR founder Aunty Hazel Collins and her daughter Helen Eason were invited to be part of a forum in Aotearoa New Zealand in November. Held in Napier on the NZ's north island, the forum was a local initiative to make Napier a United Nations child friendly city, where community and government work together to uphold the rights of children, families and communities - with First Nations children being a central part of this.

GMAR had the opportunity to learn from the work being done in Napier, to see what can happen when the government and community work together toward the same goals of supporting and empoweirng communities, and to build international relationships for continual sharing and connection.

Article in the NZ Herald: 'It all sounds so familiar': Aboriginal campaigner stunned by stories of taken Māori children